Help Needed. Sequencing old style LOR floods.


New elf
Mar 27, 2015
Golden Point, Ballarat Victoria
Have been given some old style LOR Color Floods with CF2D 10 channel controllers. I have hooked one up and tested it using the LOR hardware utility and it works. When I try to run it using a simple sequence nothing happens.

Channel assignment in LOR is supposed to be CH 1,2,3 RGB Flood 1 Ch 4 Strobe ON time Flood 1 Ch 5 Strobe OFF time Flood 1, Ch 6, 7, 8 RGB Flood 2, Ch9 Strobe ON time Flood 2, Ch 10 Strobe OFF time Flood 2.

Has anyone used these floods?
Can anyone suggest how to set up a simple sequence, Would like to be able to sequence basic operations ie on / off, change color etc.