1. OzAz

    Importing LOR .sup and .lms files into xLights

    A quick guide: The .sup file is usually the pictures for a megatree (made with LOR Superstar program) It's easy, you select Import Effects From the file type drop down select SuperStar File (*.sup) then select your .sup file and click Open then in the SuperStar Import dialog box, from the...
  2. NFI

    Xlights to LOR Pixcon16

    In the last few years I have been running LOR Pixcon 16 boards to run my pixels and all has been good. I have now had a look at the XLights software and looks like I might jump ship, my question to all is 1: Does Xlights output a DMX signal or a E1:31 signal 2: In my show I will be running a FPP...
  3. S

    Help Needed. Sequencing old style LOR floods.

    Have been given some old style LOR Color Floods with CF2D 10 channel controllers. I have hooked one up and tested it using the LOR hardware utility and it works. When I try to run it using a simple sequence nothing happens. Channel assignment in LOR is supposed to be CH 1,2,3 RGB Flood 1 Ch 4...