Importing LOR .sup and .lms files into xLights


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Dec 29, 2015
A quick guide:

The .sup file is usually the pictures for a megatree (made with LOR Superstar program)
It's easy, you select Import Effects
From the file type drop down select SuperStar File (*.sup)
then select your .sup file and click Open
then in the SuperStar Import dialog box, from the Select Model drop down, select your mega tree and click OK
You will then be asked for a file name - this will be the file name of all the graphics images (it automatically adds _01 _02 etc at the end of each one) NOTE: strongly recommend you have created a new folder somewhere first and save all the files into that. sup files sometimes create a LOT of images. the attached sample creates 175 images!
Click Save and it will create your effects on your megatree, it will automatically add the required number of rows, sample has 49!

If your sequence also has a .lms file, you can then use Import Effects to add those effects
select Import Effects
From the file type drop down select LOR Music Sequences (*.lms)
then select your .lms file and click Open
Then it's the usual import Map Channels dialog box where you map their models to yours

The following is a link to my copy of Disturbed's Sounds of Silence music, .sup and .lms files for you to experiment with (I can't remember where I got this from) . You know you've imported it correctly when you play if, after rendering of course, you will see a moving graphic of a guy playing a piano (note: there's about 12 secs of silence at the start of this song) at the start , then various other effects. The Sound Of

Have fun