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Wayne Smith

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Dec 10, 2017
Hi all, is it possible to purchase light o rama products in Australia for example (CTB16PC - Ready To Go ( No Assembly Required ))? if not does anyone know what the handling and shipping costs to Australia would be?


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Jun 12, 2010
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I'm sure you'll find people here that are wanting to sell their old LOR controllers as they don't use them anymore.

The big question is what type of lights were you planning to control with it?


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Aug 18, 2017
I used the aus post shop mate service, LOR sent to the US address for 6 US dollars, then they forwarded it for $90 AU


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Dec 29, 2015
Hi @Wayne Smith LOR will post their products direct to Australia, but the postage isn't cheap.
As David asked, what type of lights do you want to control? The CTB16PC only does 240V lights.
2 big issues with this - 1) lots of 240V cables around your yard is more dangerous (than say 12V); 2) there's bugger all suitable 240V lights available in Australia.

On chat you said "I'am looking for a plug and play controller to address addressable / smart RGB led strip lights"
If this is the case, then you need an RGB Controller. There are several of these available as "ready to go"/"plug and play" here's what I posted in another thread about these types of controllers:
There are some "plug and play" "ready to run" "R2R" "pre-assembled" RGB LED controllers on the market, including one which you won't find in the ACL manual or wiki.
These will all run off xLights, and as is can run a limited amount of 'props', For instance: a 4 channel one could run 4 arches, or a 16 channel one could run a 16x50 pixel (mega) tree for example.
Falcon (USA)
HolidayCoro (USA)
Advatek (AUS / USA)
LOR - (USA) not all their RGB ones work in xlights
Christmas Creations (AUS - QLD) also has some

Of course PnP / R2R controller boxes may cost you more than building one yourself and they won't be as "flexible" for your needs. However, if you can afford it and don't have the time, expertise or the tools they are an option.
You'll still need to build your props (lights attached to shapes, house outlines, gutters etc), but there's companies like Boscoyo that will even make that task easier.
Note: Of the 5 listed above all of them will post direct to Australia, except the Falcon product. However you could always use a shipping forwarder (like auspost shopmate Simey suggested) to get them delivered here.
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Apr 21, 2016
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2 big issues with this - 1) lots of 240V cables around your yard is more dangerous (than say 12V); 2) there's bugger all suitable 240V lights available in Australia.
I second that! There's bugger all lights to use. The stuff from woollies, Target, Big W, Bunnings don't work. There is lag in the switching on an off and you have a good chance of letting the Blue smoke out of everything if you try sequncing the lights and then nothing works.
If you go Dumb lights, you can get LOR CMB16 and CMB24 controllers second hand. There are still quite a few CMB16 for sale on this site - I haven't purchased them all here - yet. ;). You can get 12 volt lights from Ray Wu in China. His quiality is very good and he is a reliable reputable trader.
It depends what you want to do. I am happy with the "old dumb lights" and picking up 2nd hand controllers. I am going to have 1 Pixel Mega tree as a "Centre piece", but I am not going all pixels. A show full of them just doesn't appeal to me.