LightShow Pro New Release! (v2_0_11317_1750)


I have C.L.A.P
Global moderator
Apr 26, 2010
Albion Park NSW
The highly anticipated LSP update has been released, this is an important release that fixes many issues
as listed below

  • Fixed Effects not being sent for the first column when looping.
  • Added Paste Options are now remembered across uses.
  • Fixed Generated Matrix orientations were inverted for pattern F,G
  • Fixed Pixelnet output was not turning on first channels red component
  • Fixed Out of Memory issues with large sequences during transition generation.
  • Fixed Out of Memory issues with exporting large sequences to LOR format.
  • Fixed Creating RGB layers did not add all RGB channels.
  • Fixed Slow PixelNet output for large displays and high-energy transitions.
  • Fixed no output with animation sequences and renard controller
  • Fixed Lagging Virtualizer when using userdrawn objects
  • Improved Virtualizer performance.
  • Fixed Controller library getting out of sync with collection
  • Effect optimization hangs and unnecessary optimization
  • Fixed not able to delete and rename layers.
  • Fixed ramp twinkle/shimmer not rendering correctly
  • Fixed pasting user patterns not transformed correctly.
  • Fixed object not set to an instance of an object exception.
  • Fixed port used to send email when reporting an issue.
  • Fixed SonoFX bands not creating effects
  • Fixed shift intervals not working correctly
  • Fixed handling of missing recent files.
  • Fixed handling of corrupted saves
  • Added automated backup of previous file on save.
  • Fixed incorrect RGB numbering during controller setup.
  • Fixed unable to move timing marks.
  • Fixed unable to insert timings.
  • Fixed channel order bug issue.
  • Fixed intensity on RGB channel
  • Fixed file save-as bug returning a file-not-found error.
  • Fixed Exported LOR sequences having incorrect out-intensity on effects.
  • Several other minor enhancements