Like riding a bike - reinvigorate the megatree


Dedicated elf
Jun 20, 2009
Canberra, ACT, Australia
looks great, is the PET UV safe? I imagine many weeks have gone into printing those up!
PETG has been widely used by 3d printing enthusiasts for display props now for quite a few years with little discussion on prints failing from UV. So whilst i haven't personally got any testing for PETG under the belt I have placed a couple items outside for sun exposure.
A item printed and used for the xmas season is likely to get around 8 weeks (bit longer for us slackers at pulling stuff down) and will last a number of seasons at a minimum.
How they bulbs yellow over the season is my biggest concern/interest.
I've got about 3 weeks ties up in printing the c9 covers but only a couple days printing the strip mounting hardware.