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Looking for WiFi controller & app for Dumb RGB lights

Discussion in 'Computers, Cabling & Other Miscellaneous Hardware' started by nato595, Oct 5, 2016.

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    I'm looking for any recommendations for one of the two following setups for a whole house roof line lighting project using about 6 drops (totalling abount 165') of 12V DUMB RGB modules. The whole house will always change to the same color, so I don't need different 'zones'. I want to be able to control the lights from an app on Android or IOS devices.

    1. Central control box with power supply, RGB WiFi controller, RGB Amplifiers, etc. that get wired directly to each of the 6 drops of RGB strings.
    2. Central control box with power supply, and RGB DMX WiFi controller, then ethernet cables that carry the DMX signal to six individual DMX 3-channel controller/decoders which will then feed the RGB light strips.

    I'd like something reputable and reliable, not like the cheap $12 WiFi controllers I found on Amazon that have 2-Star reviews. I can do the initial configuration and installation of any solution, but the end-user will not be technical and should have an easy time turning the lights on/off and controlling the color.
    I realize a remote control/IR RGB controller would be much more simple and WiFi, but the area that we desire to place the control box is in the back of the basement and well outside of the 20' IR range.

    Thanks in advance!

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