Macro Effects blurring


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Nov 27, 2012
I've been trying to convert my show over to LSP from LOR since LOR's visualizer keeps corrupting my files effectively making it almost impossible to sequence anything and I'm having a huge problem with Macros. Everytime I try to use a macro on a layer the effect will render as it should for most of the channels but then it blurs the effect on at least one or more of the channels/controllers. For instance, I have 8 vertical strips on my house each represented by their own virtual controller in LSP. I wanted to do a simple sine wave effect (half red, half white) from an image I created. When adding this macro to the layer the first 2 controllers, and last 2 controllers look fine and as they should, but everything in the center is just a blurred mess. It happens everytime I try to apply an effect using a macro. Even if I try to do a chase on other layers via macro, typically the last controller/channel will look all blurred. What am I doing wrong here? All channels are mapped correctly and timing marks are in their correct place, but no matter what I do this happens. Any advice?


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Apr 26, 2010
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This is caused because at sometime you have drawn channles in the visualizer that are mapped twice, so when you do a macro it then applies a blend of those two mapped locations to the channel

So to fix this you will have to delete redraw those channels