Mega tree enclosure


Michael Borg
Dec 28, 2011
claremont meadows
This year I decided to upgrade my enclose from a laundry tub to something a little better.

It has 2 PSU's, p12s, fan, 2 vents, rj45 waterproof connector and 12 3 pin pigtails.

Next time I will use bigger cable glands so 3 pigtails can fit thru 1 gland. Drilling 12 holes that close together was a mm accurate exercise.

There is an eyebolt on the top so I can hang the controller off the centre pole of the mega tree.

I gave it a snazzy camo paint scheme.

If your going to ask where I got the enclosures, well I have found that finding cheap large enclosures is difficult. Yagoona lights pointed me to a wholesaler where he had 6 for $10 each so I bought all 6. They didn't have paperwork to prove waterproof rating so he just wanted rid of them. Otherwise they would have been about $50