Merry Christmas from Alberta Canada


Dec 26, 2012
Didsbury AB
Hi all ... I have been putting up Christmas lights for years and finally got it together this year to have some of it controlled by the computer via relays and pixel controllers.
A big thanks to Keith Westley for his help with the arduino controller coding etc I could not have done it with out his help.
Since I live in the cold and snowy part of the world I have to have most if not all the controllers in the garage. The temperatures could get to minus 40 and I dont want to be out fixing them. Then have the lights at least 3 ft off the ground because of possible big snow banks.
Instead of using big extension cords going to the lights I used 4 line 22 gauge wire to run to the 115volt lights from the garage. I fused every line going out with a one amp fuse to protect the wire from overload. Very easy to do as all I use is led lights and they are very low current draw.
I have about 100K of lights and 85 relays controlled by the arduinos. The Merry Christmas on the roof is rope light on wire fence.. 40ft long and 4ft high.
Merry Christmas to all.
I tried uploading pictures but keep getting an error