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Meteor lights with cheap, non isolating, potential death trap transformers

Discussion in 'Power Supplies' started by videoman3857, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. videoman3857

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    Apr 21, 2016
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    Last Christmas display we had a handful of snow fall /meteor shower lights that were the talk of the display in the seated refreshment area.
    On Friday, to my pleasure, saw the delivery of 30 more of aforementioned lights that I ordered off E-bay for a quarter of the price I paid for the ones on display.
    These units were supplied with a "USA" plug in transformer and despite me telling the supplier that I did not want the "USA / Australia power adapter" they sent them anyway. My intention is to use a 5V psu to supply power to this number of lights. - so much easier than power boards and leads all over the place.
    I also had in my mind the need to "Extend" the leads so I can distribute the power from a central point.
    The lights themselves seem to be well constructed. The light lead connects to the transformer via a 2 prong screw together pigtail type connector. The distance between the first tube of leds to the transformer is a mere 30cm.
    How the manufacturer expects one to display the lights and keep the transformer out of the weather i will never know.
    That being said, I have no real issue with the length of the cable as I was going to extend the cable length anyway.
    Remembering that I read somewhere else that some of these cheap Chinese manufactured transformers are dangerous as the do not isolate the 240 ac power from the 5 volt dc side, I decided to pull one apart. Low and behold.
    The transformer is just that - a cheap, no isolating, sub standard potential death trap.
    Visiting David_AVD new store, I stumbled accros the same thing - though Davids post was about coloured meteor tubes.
    I "liberated" a copy of his photo of the said type transformer to show / remind you of these poorly designed transformers. transformer.jpg dodgy_led_psu-240x300.jpg
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    I was thinking those photos looked familiar !
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