Mini tree build attempt. Advice plz - first timer!


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Sep 25, 2020
Hi guys,

After my 3yo saw a mega tree on youtube and asked me to make her one, I couldn't say no. So I have embarked on a 3 day crash course and come up with the rough plan below to try and get it done in time for December - I'm keen to hear if you think I'm on the right track.

F16v3 controller with 1x PSU (will only use 8 outputs at this stage).
16 strand tree, 2.5m lengths with 50 bullet pixels per strand spaced at 2inch. Using Boscoyo strips.
Running 12v and from what I've read I can run each 100x pixels from a different output and wont need to power inject, I think?

I wont be mounting it on a pole, instead I'm going to use a topper off the edge of my front verandah pictured below.

Am I on the right track?
tree plan.jpg


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Dec 12, 2016
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Yes definently on the right track,

16 strands @ 50 pixels tall is perfect for a megatree @ 2" spacing,
The height looks about right (roughly 2.5 meters?)

F16 is a great controller, and will give you heaps of headroom for the rest of the house when your ready,
And yes 8 ports to run the 100 up and back you wont have to power inject,

You may want to consider 2 power supplies (unless your using a high amp server psu or something)
100 nodes at 100% brightness is roughly 6amps,
Most people run them at 30% anyway, but you should design for 100% as its pretty easy to muckup a config and send 100% to lights accidently,

800 nodes at
100% would be 48amps, (abit high for 1 standard psu)
30% would be 14.4 amps,

You will love it, Megatree is a great starting point, best bang for your buck for wow factor,
Warning though, you will be hooked,

Jorge Bolivar

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Nov 17, 2019
Hi, @FrankO
Your 3 yo will love the Mega Tree and you will learn a bit of this hobby.

You set up looks similar to our Mega Tree.
16 strings
800 Pixels wired w 22awg (not so good to work with them)
2" spaced / 1/2" pvc pipe
2400 channels
5 Universes
2 Ports
Power injected at the end of each strip.
One 12vdc 350 Watts MW power supply.
First controlled by WLED in ESP8622, Now a Falcon 48 on one smart receiver using Port 1 and 2.
Works so good that we will be re using it without any modifications.

I will said that you are in the correct path. The power injection depends from the pixel wire size and the intensity used. By experience, 50% is too bright for short front lawns (75Ft or less) so you are going in the right path but it could be up to every 200 pixels.
Check this pixel power calculator plus also check the wiki page I do not usually read all of this but maybe beneficial for you.

The Falcon controller are solid and with great support behind, so you are good there.

How do you will mount it is more up to the area you are working on, I'm a DIY so I like your idea. Never use those strips before so not sure how much of a tension they need to remain straight.

Which sequencer you will be using?

Good luck!


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Jan 16, 2018
Yes seems reasonable

Keep a eye out for a old Tramp Base of Gum Tree , FB Buy and Sell etc as they make a good base ring to attach the lower strips to

800 Pixels 12v Pixels on 1 x PSU may be starting to push its limits (assuming you are going to use a 30 amp PSU similar to a Meanwell LRS-350-12).

I would suggest using both sides of the Falcon F16 Controller and 2 x PSU's. Say use ports 1 - 4 for the first 4 strings (with 100 pixels per strings, and 2 x strands of 50 pixels per string) of the Mega Tree, and Outputs 9 -12 for the remaining 4 strings.

If you haven't already I would suggest to start ordering some products very soon if you wish to have this completed for Christmas

I would suggest a Falcon Controller from Daryl C (send him a PM)

Boscoyo strips from Troy @ Extreme Lighting Displays https://www.extremelightingdisplays...ounting-strips/the-original-12mm-pixel-strip/
However it appears he currently doesn't have any in stock, you could try ordering direct from but there will be possible shipping delays.

You could try and use some of the "Chinese" mounting string which may be ok for a smaller Mega Tree (but I personally haven't used any and thus cant say if it is any good or not).

Ordering your pixels I would suggest Ray Wu or Etop LED

Here is a Ray Wu site

Here is a Etop LED site
(I would suggest going with xConnect type connectors).

2 x Meanwell PSU's and are the usual place I purchase Meanwell PSU's from tho

You will need pigtails to go from the pixel controller to the input of the pixel sting

Again suggest xConnect

Plus some extensions to go from the pigtail to the pixel string

Alternately you could simply use the long extensions above direct from the pixel controller and not use the shorter pig tails

Plus a waterproof type enclosure and some vents and fans (I find these 60mm ones from ACL member Davd_AVD work great

Plus some wiring glands / additional wiring to connect PSU's to pixel controller etc (but you should be able to purchase most of that locally)

You need to consider some type of "topper" to attach the top of the stands to also, you could DIY something or purchase one

Hope that helps, and note there is also other suppliers available and this is just one I picked as a example. The ACL wiki has a good list of other vendors.
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