Is that Magic Smoke?!?
Oct 18, 2011
No longer in Radelaide
Guys I need your help.

The guys at work (yep, all those that I boss around daily) have decided to all grow mustaches in November in support of Mens Health Issues.

Well, they guilt tripped me and even though Im sure my wife will file for divorce because of my soon to be quite apparent top lip hair, I am joining in on the fight and would like to ask if anyone wants to assist.

We are aiming to raise $500 and judging by day one donations, we are certain to get there, so we will revise the amount at the end of week 1 and then again 2.

Can you help out, wioth a small donation, $1, $2, business donation of $1billion dollars? anything would be greatly appreciated. Im sure I will be instructed to post photos come the end of november, but be warned, the ridicule, stares and laughter i am going to receive, will be well worth your donation.

check out

We are Seven Platoon and there are 10 or so of us doing this. Get on board a great initiative and donate to help research into a multitude of different Mens Health issues including Prostate and testicular cancers.

Thanks in advance



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Dec 12, 2010
Coffs Harbour
Good on ya Matt!

I am also doing it again this year (4th consecutive year) Last year I think I raised around $250 and trying to achieve a similiar figure again this year! Movember is a great cause and brings about the importance of depression in Men, Heck I know as I suffer from it myself!!!

If anyone is keen to donate to me also, I would love your support!

You can find me at

Cheers Guys!