My singing faces


Senior elf
Jun 17, 2012
Karaka, Auckland, NZ
I got the neonflex that is 80 "superbright" LED's per metre. Im not sure whether Ray has that. It is quite different neonflex from that of Ray's as I just got some off him (without strip in it so I could put whatever I wanted in it). His is much more flexible that the stuff I used on my faces. It is cuttable every 5cm if I recall (DC12v). You get endcaps with the neonflex but you need to work out how many more you will need given you are cutting it up and need endcaps at both ends. As mine is just white I only needed 2-core cable to run to the LOR16QC. To mount it to the board I used the cut chunks of plastic white channelling, as mentioned in my first post :)