Need suggestion on high current PWM


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Sep 5, 2011
Hi,[/size]I am in need of a high current multi-channel PWM control board(3A each channel). But need help on which approach to go:First approach:Get a DMX Master Controller(either buy one or build one) and buy those dmx decoder from china manufacturer for a good price. Example:

Most standalone DMX master is too costly, I am planning to build one myself with Arudino. Not sure if it will work as good as those few hundred bucks standalone DMX controller out there. Please suggestSecond approach:Design a multi channel high current PWM switching board. I have yet to decide which IC to use for this. I need at least 10 channels of PWM. Planning to go with MOSFET for the power section. But some people suggested transistor is better choice for this scenario. What do you think I should use in thise case?


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Dec 27, 2010
I'm a bit puzzled as to what you want to do. For most of us here the "master" is the pc running some blinky software and it isn't an embedded or console solution. I'm going to assume that this is what you're actually going to do and throw the following "easy" solution at you. The Ray Wu 27 channel dmx board is nice and easy to get all the dmx decoding done. What I'd do then if i wanted a simple jump in current is to make a daughter board adaptor with some transistors driving some reasonable mosfets to give you the 3 amps per channel. Realistically if you weren't going to use all 27 channels and if you atttached some heatsinking you could probably squeeze 10x3A channels out of the 27 channel board. the mosfets are going to get hot rather than die from overcurrent if you work them harder. The jump from 1A to 3A is a 9 fold increase in power dissipation in the mosfets to cooling is a reasonable issue.