New cable suggestion for DMX with power.


Apprentice elf
May 9, 2011
Tustin, Ca
I'm discussing with Ray about making a waterproof cable that uses the 15mm connectors with Devicenet twisted pair cable instead of non-twisted pair. This would only be for DMX or 3 wire pixels. If used for 4 wire pixels you would have a huge amount of cross-talk between the clock and data lines.

Devicenet cable uses the following color code and wire paring:
Red/Black: Power Pair
Blue/White: Data Pair

The physical sizes of the pairs are the same but the data pair has smaller wire and larger insulation so as to keep it at 120 ohms and about 12pf per foot which is very close to RS485 standards. The cables is available in several different wire gauge. The one I'm looking at is 16AWG for power and 20AWG for data and is .33/8.36mm in diameter. Normally the outer shield is braided but it does come as foil as well. See example data sheet below.

I thinking about a 15mm 5 pin connector:
Red: +V
Black: GND
Blue: Data+
White: Data-
drain: Shield not connect to any device except master ground and is continuous end to end.

I thought about a 4 pin connector but I don't want a floating shield. With a 5 pin connector this would be wired much like DMX but only single channel with power.


Typical cable specifications.