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May 2, 2021
Hello Everyone.
I'm delighted I found this place. Here's my first post and question, hope someone can assist me.

I have two sets of Really nice Christmas tree displays I purchased years ago. They are quite unique and very entertaining.
The unit is powered by a small power supply, with a switch of three buttons about 4 feet from the Power Supply.
The display will not come on until button (1) is pressed.
Then after I press (1) all the light nodes begin to change colors.
Here's the logic of the switch:

1. If button (1) is pressed the light display powers up and starts.
2. If I press button (1) again the display changes up to 5 different selections / variations.
2. If button (2) is pressed again up to 5 different color display selections / variations.
3. If button (3) is pressed again up to 5 different color display and more selections / variations.

There seems to be no logic to turn the unit off unless you unplug it from the wall.

My plan is to use a (WiFi Smart 4 port Relay switch) that I purchased on Amazon for about $17 US Dollars.
The (Wifi Smart 4 port relay switch) uses the Smart Life App and of course Alexa can controls each relay.
The Wifi board has a modes of (Momentary Switch about 1 second) and (Latched Stays on until you tell Alexa to turn off)
SO my thoughts are .
Relay 1. works as Button (1) powers the device and gives me 5 selections
Relay 2. Works as Button (2) with 5 selections
Relay 3. Works as Button (3) with 5 selections
Relay 4. Is setup as (Latch Mode) so can turn On / Off the Power to the Display Device..

I'm pretty sure this should work just fine. And allow me to custom to program custom light displays using the Alexa Routine Functions for multiple selections of Momentary pulses.

Of course my dream would be to use an Aurduino with a 4 port relay board and my custom software to run it. But I'm just entry level on that so far.

SO any thoughts on my first project? Any advice would be greatly apperciated.

Sincerely. PCman


New elf
May 2, 2021
No holding down Button 1 Does not power off the lights. Nor does any other combination of all 3 buttons.
The Ping Pong (looking) balls of the strand each have an LED that supports 5 colors.
The controller 4 foot after the wall Power Supply has 3 buttons, that control allows each of the 3 buttons 5 different display modes each.
I assume the logic board in the unit has 15 logic variations of displays, but only pressing button 1 turns the display on, after that it only changes display modes.
However turning it off is not a problem if I use a relay board as noted relay 4 would be a power off option.
Of course not needing to use relays to change the display modes would be better.
I guess after I take it apart some time, I'll see if possible to directly wire to the GPIO pins of a Raspberry PI, if not a relay board in the middle would allow that option.

Still open to any suggestions..


New elf
May 2, 2021
Yes Exactly.. However this device will do the same but with 4 separate relays, and has either Momentary or Latched,
This is the device as sold on Amazon for about $18 US.. I can easily program Routines in Alexa or Home Assistant to control the device.
When I finally open the LED controller I may discover other options yet unknown.
If curious jjust search this on Amazon.

Newgoal 4-Channel WiFi Smart Switch Relay Module, TUYA/Smart Life App for Smart Home Remote Control, Momentary Time Adjustable, Compatible with Alexa/Google Assistant​



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