Noobie needs help


New elf
Jun 4, 2022
Evening all. I have a little issue I hope someone can help with, its probably something simple I have over looked. I am looking to set up my first show and I want to use xlights with FPP on a RP4 and a Falcon f16V4. I have set up a static IP for both the WLAN and Eth on my RP and everything talks fine, I can run test via the FPP and the Falcon software and the lights all display fine however I cant test via Xligghts and I can't output to my pixels either. When I try to output I get an error message say an error occurred opening output 1(). All seems to work as it should when I select FPP connect in Xlights. I've watched numerous videos and read various articles and can't seem to fix it.
Xlights is version 2022.11, FPP is v5.5 and Falcon Controller is Build 19.

Thanks in advance


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
Have you tried the xlights zoom room. It is bound to be something simple but without you posting images of all your setup etc we could be here for days. They will have you going in zoom in 15 mins.