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Orvibo WiWo S20 Smart Wi-Fi Power socket

Discussion in 'Computers, Cabling & Other Miscellaneous Hardware' started by ChristmasInKaralee, Jun 9, 2015.

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    Feb 15, 2014
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    Just wondering if anyone is using the Orvibo S20 Wi-Fi power socket to switch on and off your lights/controllers. It's basically just a 240V timer that can be enabled and a schedule setup using an Apple IOS or Android.

    I just got one and it seems to work really well however I can't find a Windows app for it so I decided to create my own and would appreciate any one that is using the S20 to provide input to what they would want in an app.

    The standard ones are schedule, On and Off, control over Internet.

    I will also include the ability to have Vixen 3 start and stop selected S20's. This could be good if you want to enable power to selected elements that need to be switch on when required and not based on time.



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