P-DMX 5 servo controller with MP3 board add on


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May 29, 2010
Someone mentioned Last night they had a heap of MP3 boards and I have a project I’d like to tackle for next year. The idea comes from here:

I would like to have 5 of these Guys connected to the P-DMX 5 servo controller and throughout the show control the servos with LSP inside all the Show Sequences. Here’s the tricky bit. Each show already has it own audio track so I would like trigger a MP3 player with a DMX signal to play the audio to a separate speaker near these guys and sync it up manually.

Sort of like a DVD player controlled by MIDI input. But when activated the MP3 player just plays the one track which could have 5 songs on it.

Ultimately the best solution for this would be a stand alone system which could be triggered, but I think I’m probably pushing my luck a bit there.