Pc Audio devices > drivers and contention issues .


Senior elf
Dec 23, 2011
I did not know where to post this but I had to share this with you as This is
something that I recently discovered that has given me a huge relief
in regards to application performance .
Just the fact that our hobby is largely audio based this may help your performance also .

If your computer has more than one audio device such as onboard hdmi ,

sound card , video card with hdmi applications that are audio oriented could be
adversely affected .
As many of you know I use Adobe after effects almost daily .
I have been having issues with Ae locking up and crashing for quite some time

and Nvidia ( my video card mfg ) says it is an adobe problem and Adobe says it is an Nvidia kernel issue . <<< Greek right !

Well through some chain of evemts I stumbled on a thread in some forum
a fella had posted a similar issue to mine and it was suggested
that the Op dis able all but the primary audio device .
I learned that Aduio devices when installed default to location 0 <<Kinda dumb
if you have more than one gevice defaulting to the same location .
However . I tried this suggestion and the monkey has been removed from Ae crashing .
I also noted a huge performance increse in general over my entire system.
I am no authority on this matter just letting you know my recent experience with app crash and a resolve .
I am certain this issue would have implications on many other applications
performance also .