PCB Sourcing


New elf
Feb 7, 2012
Not sure if I have located this in the correct areas but as a Newbe from the UK I'm currently going up a very fast learning curve[/size]I've started to get involved in CooP's both on DIYC and DLA, but things get very expensive with postage and in some cases 110 to 240 Volt conversionFor us within UK/Europe, a real alternative would be to either buy pcb's in bulk for onward selling, or better still, get access to the board files inc. Gerber's where available, to get them produced over here. Possibly this would include setting up BOM's on Uk Mouser or Farnell (Element 14).My specific question - Are any of the standard boards detailed on this site/Wiki, in practice, open source? If not who owns the licence and how wold we go about appropriate recompense. Let me be clear, I have no intention of this being a commercial initiative, I only want to try to ease some of the frustration that I (and a guess many others outside the USA) experience.Any suggestions and advice would be greatly receivedMike

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Apprentice elf
Aug 14, 2011
Pakenham, Victoria
PCBs shouldn't cost too much to ship over and almost all of them have a Mouser BOM which you could then look at the items and purchase from a local source if needed. I purchased my PCBs from overseas as well as components from a co-op and it was cheaper than me purchasing them on my own here.