Pixel Data Splitter


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Jun 12, 2010
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Not sure if anyone remembers way way back when we discussed a pixel splitter in ACL chat? It was years ago, but nothing ever came of it at the time. The basic idea is a small PCB that takes a single pixel stream in and splits it into several smaller streams.

For example, you might have a spinner or other element that physically has one end of each segment very close, but the other ends spread out. Instead of zig-zagging the data back and forth, they would all be fed from a pixel data splitter.

Or you might have a main outline with segments that branch off here and there. With a pixel data splitter you could put a 2 way splitter at each of those points.

There's a project over on the diychristmas.org site that does this. Is it something that people over here would find useful?