Pixel strings and strapping

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    I have begun the task of zip tieing strings to some strapping . this is a real time consumer .

    Here is a tip to save you some time if you plan to use the strapping and tie method.

    lay out the string to get it ready to tie , start in the center of the string and work out to each end aligning the pixel wire to lay flat .

    There is a little trick you will discover that each pixel will need a rotating flip every so often to get it to a nice flat alignment.

    to save on the back , i used a chair and sat at the railing of my deck to do the tieing and let the completed section drape over my railing creating tension on the strapping .

    I am using 2 ties per pixel and to secure the strapping to the top and bottom ring i have purchased these clips.


    hope this helps

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    Nice, thanks for sharing those tips

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