Quck and dirty next step question?


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Mar 5, 2012
Hello everyone,
I have been enjoying a resonable lights display at home running about 15 kmart strings over my house, with an 8ft led string tree purchased on ebay.
I had originally planned to take the next step a while ago for my new house, i few months ago I knew we would not be in by christmas so I lost interest.
But now I am keen again and realistic enough to know there is not time to do a show to musice etc. My quesstion is- what would be the easiest way to get all my current strings just working together, like one 8 sequence box for the whole lot? or similar, if anyone could also point me where to acquire what i need also that would be a big help, I am very time poor over the next few months working 7 days a week,
Thanks in advance Rob.
cheers Rob


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Jun 12, 2010
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You could run your strings from a DC controller. You'd also need a power supply and computer interface. I sell all of those items. Not sure what voltage the Kmart LED strings are though.

You can use LOR S3 (paid), LSP 2.5 (paid) or Vixen (free) software to do your animations.