RGB LED Spot Lights


Grandpa Elf
Community project designer
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Jun 12, 2010
Victoria Point (Brisbane)
I bought a couple of RGB LED spot lights recently to check the quality. They are 24V and contain three 3W LED (one each red, green & blue).

The company I bought them off is Rayled OPTO-Electronics. I dealt with Kevin Wei and his store on AliExpress is here. Kevin was quite helpful, shipped my goods in the time frame indicated. They arrived within a few days of him sending them and were well packed.

I've only given them a cursory test so far, but they are quite bright! I did have one connected to a DC48 at the QLD mini and it was running from 12V power supply as that's what I had to hand.

I'm happy with them so far, but hope to give them a better test in the next week or two. :)