Show us your control boxes & Control centers


New elf
Nov 22, 2018
Here is my setup,
  • Falcon F48
  • Falcon F16
  • Raspberry Pi
  • 1 x 5v 75W Meanwell supply to power Pi, Falcon Controllers and panel lights
  • 2 x 12v 1200W HP Server power supplies + Parallel Miner breakout boards
  • 1 x 24VDC 120W power supply
  • Falcon F-8 Distro x 4
  • Unmanaged Switch
  • Sonoff Smart switch for switching 12V supplies
  • 4 x 24VDC fans, (Yes I know overkill but I picked up the encloure from Facebook market place and already had the holes.)
20190831_212247.jpg 20190831_212311.jpg


New elf
Dec 24, 2019
Ok so what the heck, these aren't the latest pics but for whatever reason I just cant seem to find them, not too much has changed though,
First few Pictures are of the main Control Centre,

View attachment 12667 Sure is a lot cleaner now...
View attachment 12668 Can never have enough Fuses...
View attachment 12669 All this for 1 x P12's, and it has 2 x 16A Individual Circuits.

Next picture is of my Mini Mega Tree, this has since changed slightly, I now have a PSU mounted in here with the 240v extension lead running directly inside the box through Conduit.

View attachment 12670 Need to change these to Fused ones... lol, they are on this years to do list.
Geeze, spot the industrial A Grade sparkie..
Neat work..