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Stepping Aside As Moderator

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by David_AVD, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. David_AVD

    David_AVD Bite my shiny metal ass!

    Jun 12, 2010
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    When I was asked to become a moderator on ACL, I had mixed feelings. At the time it seemed unfair to Eddy that he was the only active moderator, so I was happy to help weed out the spam and do other minor duties.

    The thought of me being perceived as a vendor in the full commercial sense did concern me, however Phil assured me that he did not see a problem. After a long conversation with him I accepted the moderator position, but on the terms that if I no longer felt comfortable with it, or ACL seemed to be suffering from any perceived conflict of interest I'd resume my role as a regular ACL member.

    I feel that I have done my best to explain my position over recent days, but it has become clear that the best course of action (for ACL) is for me to step aside as moderator. I thank all of you that have supported me.

    I will continue to support ACL with projects and general help. I will also continue to learn from other members here. That's the great thing about ACL. The members have such a diverse range of skills and knowledge.

    Who replaces me (in due course) as moderator is another matter. I will have no say in it as it would be done after I step down.
  2. fasteddy

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    Apr 26, 2010
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    Re: Stepping Aside As Moderator - Announcment of new moderator

    I appreciate the work that you have done David helping us with the moderation of ACL. Its a great shame that those complaining about you being a vendor and a mod are happy to be on another forum where the owner and admin are a vendor, I just dont understand that. But anyway I appreciate you stepping aside to keep the peace as you dont deserve the extra pressure that has been put apon you.

    The new moderator to replace David will be Steve (aka- Superman), he has kindly accepted the role and I wish him the best in his new role with ACL, im sure Steve will do his best and he has proven himself to be a great contributing member of ACL.

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