T1000-S and FGZ2811 2.0


New elf
Dec 3, 2012
Kalbar, QLD
I have just purchased 8 x 50 pixel strings of FGZ2811 2.0 pixels, also a T1000-S. This is to be combines into a Mega-Tree. My first attempt at a non-static display. I am using led-edit 2012.

I have been wiring the T1000-S all morning and got a white pixel when combining the 5v+ of the pixel string, and wiring DAT and GND from the controller output.

Once I got the white pixel I re-soldered the one pixel to the 50 string, but got nothing but a solid error light (I'm using an old laptop transformer that outputs 5V 2A and 12V 2A). I reduced the string to 5 and no longer get the flashing error light, but I also get no lights!

Does anyone have experience with this controller?