3.x Vixen 3.4 Update 1 Now Available

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    Update 1 has now been released for Vixen 3.4.

    This release is cumulative and includes a few important fixes we didn't catch in time for the previous release. This is now considered the stable release

    Click here to download

    ** Bug
    * [VIX-2156] - Edit time glitch
    * [VIX-2157] - Delete key in the editor randomly quits working.
    * [VIX-2163] - Vixen crashes when dragging color from set level to color preset library
    * [VIX-2164] - Profile stays locked if there is only the default profile and Vixen does not shutdown cleanly.
    * [VIX-2169] - Display setup image buttons have annoying background hover color change.
    * [VIX-2172] - If a sequence is resized smaller and there are effects beyond the end of it, they are not removed and can cause issues later on.
    * [VIX-2173] - The level slider on curves that are part of a gradient level pair will not stay active to grab and use them.

    ** Improvement
    * [VIX-2158] - Improve the way current preview templates are handled.
    * [VIX-2159] - Change selection border color for dragboxfilter effect images
    * [VIX-2160] - The find effects function could have a column to indicate what layer the effect is in.
    * [VIX-2161] - A few more areas need high DPI fixes.
    * [VIX-2166] - Add hints in the Dimming curve setup to use a library curve. Add link to website for help.
    * [VIX-2176] - Enable multi edit on the depth of effect property.
    * [VIX-2178] - Create a means in the display setup to rename elements with a find and replace style mechanism.
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