Waterproofing RJ45 and RJ45 3-Way Connectors


Apprentice elf
Oct 20, 2012
Huntsville, TX
What is a 4 letter word meaning heart attack ??? answer ..... rain ..

I thought for a moment I lost my J1Sys-D2 controller, power supply and 8 DMX North Poles.. Good news is.. all is fine .. The DMX controller box was on the same circuit as the LOR box for my yard grid and the GFI tripped.. and is remains so as of this writing (but thats another topic) ..

My 8 DMX North poles are built using the the Holiday Coro method for power injection along with 3-way spitters to daily chain them together..

I blew out any moisture in each of the connections but I did notice a few black traces in the connectors. Now I dont know if this is oxidation, or actual arcing of the DC...

BUT.. what I'm looking for is a best practice for keeping the rain out of the 3 ways. I know we dont like taping up connections.. but maybe a baggie taped at the top to act as a general umbrella?

I'm thinking of ways to redesign the data and power I/O but for now I need to add something to help protect..

Thanks for any input and feedback...


New elf
Jan 13, 2012
Corrosion X dielectric spray works real good. Look it up. I have been using it with no problems.