Where do I put everything?


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Jan 1, 2013
I have decided on my first project which wil be a 180 degree mega tree. It will consist of 24 5 meter strips that are 5vdc. I have already purchased at least half of all the hardware.

I figure I will need 2 p12r's. 6-7 5vdc power supplies (mean wells), 26-28 led strips and all the associated hardware.

My question is where and how do I house all the controllers, power supplies, and Ethernet switch?

I want to put everything inside the mega tree. But how???

I want the power supplies to be partially in the winter time enverionment so that they can be cooled by the December air. I however DON'T want them to have snow or rain getting into any of the enclosures.

What is available to mount the 6 mean wells so that they get cooled by the December wintertime air BUT will keep snow and rain out??

I will also need an enclosure to mount the 2 P12r's so that I can get 24 cables out of the box and keep them out of the snow and rain.

I purchased 50 sets of 'quick disconnect' connectors from ray wu. What else do I need? The strips will NOT have the power going through the P12r's. power will be going from the power supplies direct to the strips. I figure that to be conservative I will have one power supply supplying power to 4 strips as the maximum power that the strip uses is listed at 11.5 amps and the powers supply supplies 55 amps. 4 strips seems appropriate per power supply.

At this point I am asking myself, what am I forgetting? I think that I can easily build a mega tree as I have already built a large mega tree before. So the construction of the mega tree doesn't bother me. The only concerns I have is what is the best way to 'house ' the controllers and power supplies so they are as close to the strips as possible but still are protected from the elements. I believe that the electronics should be inside the mega tree as the strips will be 5 volt strips and the power supplies should be as close as possible to the strips.



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Dec 27, 2010
If you want to mount everything under or adjacent to the mega tree I'd suggest making up a coro present that will fit over the top of any enclosure/s that you use. The present can be any size and they look great and fit with the Xmas theme. The present could either be lit from outside or just let the mega tree light it up as I'm sure the kW or so of lights on it will throw out a bit of light.


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Apr 26, 2010
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Alans suggestion is a good one, use some enclosures and then use some corex to disguise these as presents under the tree, this will also give extra protection to the controllers. Especially if using 5vdc strings, you want to ensure the distance between power supply and strings is a short as possible to minimise any voltage drop on the supply cables.

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Dec 31, 2011
Something that I have found works quite well is to go to a dollar store or thrift store and pick up some storage totes in various sizes. They are the plastic storage boxes with covers.
For the display time I use the cover to the box set on a couple of small blocks or anything to raise it up off the ground a little bit. Then I set up my controllers, power supplies, and connectors on the cover and use the storage tote as a cover over them. Put a weight on the tote or use some rope over it to a couple of anchors to keep it from blowing off and you have an enclosure for your hardware.