Which and where to get RGB LED Floods?


New elf
Jan 7, 2012
Murfreesboro, TN
I am interested in getting or if needed building some RGB LED Floods, I was thinking I wanted 30W Floods because the ones I have seen do seem to be a lot brighter. I have looked at HolidayCoro but their kit is 10W and again was thinking I wanted the 30W. I have tried several times to get some info from GotRGB.com because they have 30W listed on their website but no pricing and after trying 5-6 times with no response then I am afraid to use them even if they did finally respond. Can you guys give me your input/ recommendations? Oh, just for reference I have 16 LOR Controllers and 2 P12R's (only using 1 for my Mega Tree) so I might be able to use my additional P12R for my floods but would prefer to use it elsewhere and use another smaller controller for the floods, open to any and all suggestions. Any input appreciated!


Full time elf
Dec 30, 2013
Eastern Washington
I have 3 of Ray's DMX 10watt coming on Friday, and bought the 8 flood RGB kit from LOR on the summer sale. Also have 3 of the DIYLA Aether II floods and another 3 coming.

The Aether II are like 35 watt, I think having more 10watt is a better way to go.