xLights/Nutcracker: Release BETA 3.0.24


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Jan 19, 2012
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BETA 3.0.24 released. http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/releases/

With this release I am implementing a new process. I need some people to test the new release before it hhas been fully tested. If you see a BETA release you will know
1) it works
2) There could be bugs
3) some effects may be the process of being developed.

After the in process development is complete, i will release a Non-BETA version.

So what is in BETA version 24?

BETA 3.0.24: Jul 30,2013 -
Enhancement: (sean) Started development of Piano Keyboard. This is not complete. Will eventually use an input file from Audacity that will identify the polyphonic notes in a song.
Enhancement: (matt) Many changes to text. Ghosting is now fixed. You no longer have to use the temporary fix of using "1 is unmask, 2 is color wash". Text now has 45 degrees rotation. Countdown timer can show seconds counting down or it can show "xx d yy h zz m aa s" display. countdown text is now centered correctly.
Enhacement: (frankr) New effect for cirles (under development).
Bug: (sean) fixed crash when creating random effects. The new effect classes (piano,circles) were causing problem. fixed

The only reason , right now, to try version 24 is if you want to try text and see how it is working. I'll let you know when Piano Keyboard and Circles is released.