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Here lies the details for the 2019 Australian Brisbane Mini

Mini Christmas Expos 2019

Melbourne Mini 2019
No plans for a mini...yet
Sydney Mini 2019
1-2 June
Brisbane Mini 2019
18-19 May
Adelaide Mini 2019
No plans for a mini...yet
Perth Mini 2019
No plans for a mini...yet
Townsville Mini 2019
13-14 April

Dates and Times

Check out the QLD Mini Forum Post

When:18-19 May 2019 (Confirmed)

Sat - 8:00 - 4:30
Sun 8:30 - 2:00 (or whenever we finish up)
Out for Dinner Sat night - TBC

Costs: $15 for Sat, $10 for Sun and this includes Lunch both days with drinks and snacks available all day. Also includes a BBQ breakfast on Sat only starting at 0800.

Where: Karalee (Ipswich) Qld
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Streaming: Not Available

da-E131 Test software
Angry IP network Scanner
Ray Wu's Store
Steve's Spiral tree lights
Steve's Arches
Steve's Moving Head RGBW Spots
Halloween Haunt Ipswich
Christmas Creations

Power supply
Technicolor pixels
Advatek Pixlite
P10 Panels
3 Pin Pigtails
USB Audio for Pi
FPP (Falcon Christmas)
FPP Install Instructions
Micro SD card Class 10
USB Stick

xLights How-to (Keith)
Network Scanner
Mini HD Media Player (Virtual Santa)
SMS Messaging App (Allow Audience to send SMS's to your display)
Pixel Line Driver (null pixel) - This is the one shown at the mini and doesn't use up any channels.
Halloween and snowman Projections
Tree Sequences as used by Steve and Keith


Proposed Topics:


  • Candy canes
  • Arches
  • P10 5x5 and 7x1 Matrix
  • Trees
  • Balls
  • Control Box
  • Mega Tree


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