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Low voltage Direct Current (DC) and use electronics (mosfets) that are designed to switch the DC supply. They are used for things like Low Voltage DC LED rope lights, string lights and (dumb) RGB LED lighting (note: Intelligent RGB products use special pixel controllers). This is due to the fact that LED lights only conduct electricity in one direction and are Direct Current (DC) devices.

Feature Comparison

ManufacturerModelPre-builtDC VoltageChannelsChannel CurrentTotal CurrentProtocol(s)Total Price (US$)Per Ch Price (US$)
Light-O-RamaCMB16D (site)5V - 60V164A20A per 8 ChLOR, DMX$119.95$7.50
Light-O-RamaCMB16D-QC (site)5V - 60V164A20A per 8 ChLOR, DMX$99.95$6.25
Light-O-RamaCMB24D (site)5V - 30V244A30A per 12 ChLOR, DMX$109.95$4.58
Hanson ElectronicsDMX365V - 35V365A30A per 9 Ch. 120A per boardDMX$130.00 (AUD)$3.61 (AUD)
Hanson ElectronicsDMX185V - 40V185A30A per 9 Ch. 60A per boardDMX$100.00 (AUD)$5.56 (AUD)
Hanson ElectronicsDMX2-1820V - 40V182A15A. 2 wire/2 channel stringsDMX$100.00 (AUD)$5.56 (AUD)
Hanson Electronics2811DC155V-35V153A30A per board2811 Pixel$40.00 (AUD)$2.67 (AUD)
Hanson Electronics2811DC305V - 35V303A30A per board2811 Pixel$60.00 (AUD)$2.00 (AUD)
Hanson Electronics2801DC155V - 35V153A30A per board2801 Pixel$43.00 (AUD)$2.87 (AUD)
Hanson Electronics2801DC305V - 35V303A30A per board2801 Pixel$63.00 (AUD)$2.10 (AUD)
Hanson ElectronicsPI36 (requires a PI)5V - 35V363A30A per bank (2 of)E1.31 or standalone$120.00 (AUD)$3.33 (AUD)
RITAHD-71412V - 24V32A6ADMX$8.95$2.98
RITAHD-712 AKA "Ray Wu 27 Channel"12V - 24V271A15ADMX$44.21$1.64
RITAPX2450612V - 24V33A9ADMX$22.32$7.44
RITARA-DMX-12c12V - 24V122A15ADMX$27.00$2.25
wjohnDMX39V - 35V32A per Chnup to 6ADMX$9.00$3.00
wjohnDMX16DCSSR12C - 24V162A per Chnup to 10ADMX$48.00$3.00
wjohnREN649V - 35V642A per Chnup to 7A per SSRRS232, DMX$48.00$1.00
RenardRenard 48LSD9V -24V480.6ARS232, DMX$48.00$1.00
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