Light-O-Rama protocol

The Light-O-Rama communication protocol will only support LOR hardware and controllers. Like DMX512, the LOR network communicates from the PC through an RS485 USB dongle (with a different pin-out - see DMX Adapter Leads). Light-O-Rama controllers are configured via a two-digit hexadecimal (0-F) controller ID number, rather than a DMX start channel address. There are no general limitations to how many controllers can be connected within the same network (bandwidth limitations will apply). The LOR communication has features like Hardware-based shimmer and twinkle effects as well as macros for use in the Color Cosmic Ribbon (CCR) series which can’t be used with any other non LOR hardware

The LOR network can run at one of the following speeds:
  • 19.2K
  • 57.6K
  • 115K
  • 500K^
  • 1000K^
^ Supported by selected LOR Adapters only. See LOR-Adapters for details.

ELOR Enhanced Pro Level

Available for Professional licences, the Enhanced LOR protocol is aimed at high channel count pixel displays. The PixCon 16 controller will only function in LOR mode when the ELOR (Enhanced) protocol is used (or you can run it in E1.31 mode). ELOR uses intensity files and you may need to update the firmware for older LOR controllers before they will operated correctly. For controller compatibility details, refer to:

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