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    GDay from Perth WA!

    No sorry mate, all sold.
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    GDay from Perth WA!

    Welcome all to ACL, although I am taking a back stand for a couple of years, I will be around to lend a hand and advise. I am in Perth, Landsdale and have been doing Christmas lights for many years. I am selling all of my gear, and organised a rummage sale on Sunday at 10am, you are more than...
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    Perth/WA Perth Mini 2020

    Thanks Pierre
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    Time to hang up the Pixels

    As many of you know, i have been a member of this forum for many years. This last year was very much of a toll on me, rather than enjoying the lights it became somewhat of a chore. This years work sees me away most of the year so i'll have no time to fix, upgrade or let alone put up lights...
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    Perth/WA Perth Mini 2020

    Keith can be flexible if dates do not suit people
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    Perth/WA Perth Mini 2020

    Hi fellow West Australians, I was planning on running the Perth Mini 2020, June 6th and 7th. This was discussed with Keith as he was available that weekend and kindly offered to come West to lend a hand. Unfortunately due to work commitments I am now working in June and will not be able to...
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    Hi from Perth WA!

    Welcome Chezstar and Kesnick to ACL and C.L.A.P. A good start is the 101 Manual. The Perth crowd is growing and always willing to help, i am from Landsdale.
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    Looking for Mega Tree Display Walk Though in Perth Area

    Hi Gero I am happy to give you a walk through of my megatree, but it is coming down buy Tuesday. Would you like to come down to Landsdale or facetime? Gareth
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    Hi from Perth WA

    Welcome to ACL and the growing members in Perth. I am also in Perth, Landsdale - just up the road. I have been doing this for a few years and always willing to help where I can.
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    Removing Glue From Tint Tubes

    Try Mr Sheen spay polish
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    Multiple Colorlight Cards with FPP for P5 Panels (Guide)

    Excellent write up Jack, thanks for sharing.
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    1st time I let the magic smoke out on an industrial scale

    Glad you and everybody else is ok.
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    Hello & Help from Perth, Australia

    Hi Kate, I am in Perth and most probably can help fix your dead LOR controllers, i think i have some spare parts still. I am in Landsdale if that helps. Gareth