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    Dales display for 2014

    loving that matrix on the fence. great work dale.
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    Ben's Christmas lights breakdown 2014

    Great Video Ben. Thank you for the mention. Cant wait to see what you do with the new canvas next year.
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    My personal thanks

    I have to say, as someone who has been a member of this group for only 12 months. this is by far the most Welcoming place filled with some of the happiest members. Thank you to all the guys for making this place so awesome. Merry Christmas.
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    Merry Christmas to all

    Congrats Michael. I will have to make sure I get down to see your show in the flesh next year. Merry Christmas to you and your family i hope you have a well deserved rest.
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    There is a song worse than TSO.

    Re: There is a song worse that TSO. Dilly Silly.
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    Real or CGI? - What do you think.

    Looks like every 2 houses shared a 16 chan lor board, all addressed the same. the sequencing looks caned as well.
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    Today Tonight Adelaide Xmas Factor

    voted about 10 times, not having cookies is a wonderful thing some times.
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    Help with wiring ws2811 strips in parallel for discrete control?

    Hi Corey, Unfortunately the Ws2811 protocol is daisy chain network. If you were to run strips in parallel then they would be addressed the same, however doing this is not recommended as the protocol doesn't deal with being split in this fashion very well. In this case you would be better at...
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    Dumb things we've done...

    "soldering both ends of a cable together when making an extension so instead just made a loop" This is how black holes are formed. ;D
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    P2, P8 & P12

    Hi Porsche, Yes this is the case with the P12 and i think the P8 is the same. The P12 has 2 power inputs so you can feed power in from 2 supplies. (each drives 6 outputs)
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    Problem with J1sys ECG-P2

    Just a quick note to say this was resolved in chat, ended up being caused by no common ground between power supplies. The P2 and lights where on separate supplies.
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    2014 shakedown test

    WOW!!!!! Congrats damo looks great!! That matrix is huge. (what is it) Are you using FPP or playing directly from vixen 3 as it looks very smooth. Congrats again im sure you will be the talk of the town with this display.
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    Some Pixels losing their red color

    i thought holiday c just resold ray's gear anyway.
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    My show just got shifted.

    how exciting. Cant wait to see the footage. So no show at home now?
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    First timer Hello

    Hi Chloe, I'm just up the hill from you in Springwood. This is my first year too to automation however i started much earlier in the year. This place is very helpful and full of good ideas and motivation to build your show. And yes avoid the xmas shops in Penrith they are a massive rip off.