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  1. bretheron

    Wireless DMX

    That is up there... I just use cat 5.
  2. 2019 show end. by Furnace and the Fundamentals.

    2019 show end. by Furnace and the Fundamentals. (2019)

  3. 2019 Show middle by Furnace and the Fundamentals

    2019 Show middle by Furnace and the Fundamentals (2019)

  4. 2019 Show Start by Furnace and the Fundamentals

    2019 Show Start by Furnace and the Fundamentals (2019)

    Mix up.
  5. bretheron

    Cat3 cable for data runs

    Cat3 is good for 10 Mbps so as long as you are not doing long runs and trying to daisy chain a heap of controllers on it, it should be fine. The insulation should not be an issue.
  6. bretheron

    No Controller = No Lights?

    Just make sure the tester or or mini controller that you get matches the IC chip on your lights. If they are the WS2811 (looks like it) also make sure the tester plug matches the data direction of your nodes. The one in the link "may" have the wrong end on it for your node strings.
  7. bretheron

    Local/AU Townsville Mini 2020

    Have you considered the Brisbane mini? https://auschristmaslighting.com/threads/qld-mini-ipswich-june-6-7.12171/ It is a touch closer to you than Townsville.
  8. bretheron

    Local/AU Townsville Mini 2020

    Good evening Sambo. At the moment there is limited information as we are simply looking for interest. The mini would be held in Townsville with the Date still to be worked out, but most likely early May. If we have new attendees we can cover basics or what ever interests they have in creating...
  9. bretheron

    Local/AU Townsville Mini 2020

    We are once again holding a Townsville and surrounds Mini, Date. 16th and 17th May. (17th if required) Venue - Garbutt Townsville This year will be based on the attendees experience and/or what people are interested in learning and sharing. The structure will then be tailored to suit...
  10. bretheron

    Converting a ropelight star to pixels

    If you have bullet nodes you can simply tie them to the frame "end to end" you will not notice that they are not pointing out. Also you can do it so everything is double the same way it is now on the "Snowflake". That way you can get better groups when you break it down for sequencing.
  11. bretheron

    10µW transmit distance?

    I am not sure what the old LOR whole house transmitter put out, but the signal barely went passed my fence line. Now I use a second generation Ebay special that could be anywhere from 1 watt to 5 watts and has pretty good pick up from the next suburb. Scamper is correct in my view, simply do...
  12. bretheron

    Music visualiser infinity mirror

    I used 3mm lexan as a front plate and tinted it myself. Lexan is more flexible than Acrylic but scratches easier. I am not sure you will be able to get much for under 30 bucks though.
  13. bretheron

    Typical spacing of pixel lights

    One thing you can also do is look at how you will be setting up your elements or props. If you look at using your nodes on a white background or using them end to end, you will notice that the gaping is visually reduced due to the reflection on a white background and the diffusion through a...
  14. bretheron

    31vac transformer for DIN rail

    There are heap of different din rail mounting clips you can buy whether it be for a transformer of power supply. Element 14 din rail clips
  15. bretheron

    Can i use FPP to turn on a projector

    Very much so. I had that with an old one. The newish ones are actually pretty good when there is a signal, just not when they where sitting there waiting.