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    Sydney/NSW 2016 Sydney Mini June 4-5: Register Now!!!!

    Re: Sydney Mini 2016 Love to attend as a 1st year novice but 23/24 no go for me (returning from QLD on holidays - last wkend of nsw school holidays). The following wkend 30 Apr/1 May is good though. Pending location and setup, might be able to Skype link with QLD mini to share...
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    pixel node matrix Vs strip matrix

    Thanks Habbosrus. Pics confirm that's the way I'll go. I will also give some thought to a modular/panel construction design (like a P10) so it can be added too in the future (and also dismantled/stored). I also reckon this could be a good option for those considering a roof top matrix? plenty...
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    pixel node matrix Vs strip matrix

    I agree with the Adam - single led/IC at 33mm intervals. Been looking at a matrix for my balcony railing (0.6m x 10m) - yes 10m. Current thoughts are to use strips given the long length and also maximise no pxls/m vs $$$. Ease of assembly also major factor. Don't fancy drilling 5000 holes in...
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    Giday from Newcastle Australia

    Giday everyone, My name is Geoff but I more commonly go by my nickname 'Chicken'. I'm an electronics tech by trade but have been off the tools for far far too long. My interest in lighting, especially LEDs, is a major reason why I joined the trade as a kid many years ago. Now it's time to get...
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    My new Miditree idea

    You need to understand Ohms Law. It doesn't matter whether you convert AC to DC (Rectifier) or DC to AC (Inverter), power consumption is equal on both sides (ignoring losses - primarily heat). Also voltage and current are inversely proportional to each other so if voltage increases, current...