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    Closed ACL 'MK2 fully-built' aka MK3 strobes (ends 3-Aug-2015) CLOSED

    I would like 4 strings 50cm spacing 4 sets C9 covers Dan
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    LSP Update Announcement

    This is very disappointing, I have tried to use LSP for several years with little or no success and paid for all the upgrades. I'm really sorry I wasted my money. In my humble opinion LSP is going to be DOA and LSP should stop selling licenses until and unless they have a proven product!
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    HolidayCoro House Outline in RGB Lights / Pixels - 132 Feet Coverage

    So, Advatek is advertising a differential Pixel board, are the copying J1sys? I think not, a good idea, is a good idea.
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    Contact Ed

    Looks like he's building a new website
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    DMX controlled rotating motor

    Don't know if something like this is available to you in NZ, Not directly DMX controllable but it can be triggered via a relay and the speed is adjustable. Also the prop motors they sell have pretty good torque.
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    OK I am sure I have something set wrong here

    Glad I could help, looks like you were getting two strings of conflicting DMX signals sent to your strips . I also noticed in your video that one strip of lights acted correctly during the test pattern. You might want to check that you have that stings' Universe set correctly in LOR, It may be...
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    OK I am sure I have something set wrong here

    The only reason I asked was that I have seen this exact same behavior when running the test pattern while a sequence was running. With the controllers test pattern running, does anything change if you unplug the network cable form the controller? Also, how are you running the Test Pattern, via...
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    OK I am sure I have something set wrong here

    Do you have a sequence running while you are using the test pattern? The first flash in the video makes me think so, you can only have one running at at time (sequence or test pattern).
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    ECG-P2 firmware

    Current is 2.9 which includes strobe functionality. Look 5 Posts below yours in the Forum.,4972.0.html
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    Technicolor quality?

    I'm running Technicolor Pixels on P2 and P12S controllers at 3200 Kbps and I'm not having any problems at all. I got that number form the UBL Procedures Document included with the 3.2 Firmware Update.
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    Pulling my hair out.. need some help

    Glad you got it worked out. Seems you're not the only one who received mislabeled power supplies.,4982.15.html
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    Pulling my hair out.. need some help

    Are you sure you have your Data,V+, and Ground wires hooked up correctly?
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    GOTCHA!! Data and Noise

    I think he's talking about these from J1sys.
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    P12s - configuring DMX ports

    Which firmware version are you using? According to the UBL Procedures document distributed with firmware version 3.2 "As of v3.2 the keep-alives are not activated. We will fix that in v3.3 after v3.2 has been wrung out in the field". Did I miss a firmware update?