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  1. daunce

    Mini pyramid trees

    Awesome job that they can store easily. That’s part of the challenge in where to store it for 10 months of the year.
  2. daunce

    Finally.. it's done for 2019

    Thanks for the feedback. My wife also said the ‘tune to ‘ sign needed to be bigger. (Assuming pre-approval for more P10 panels). The editing issues I had were when I wanted to move a bunch of effects one beat marker to the right/left. If the next beat marker was slightly bigger or smaller...
  3. daunce

    Finally.. it's done for 2019

    So doing a few years with static lights and finally committing to getting a show up this year, I finally made it. Building the props during the year, and creating rough lengths of cable gave me a good head start to test most of it in the garage before it went outside. Having the props I could...
  4. Wizards of Winter by Trans- Siberian Orchestra

    Wizards of Winter by Trans- Siberian Orchestra (2019)

    First year with xLights and pixels. Exported from my previous LOR display.
  5. It's the most wonderful time of the year by BarlowGirl

    It's the most wonderful time of the year by BarlowGirl (2019)

    First year with xLights and pixels
  6. All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey

    All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey (2019)

    First year with xLights and pixels
  7. daunce

    Melb SE displays

    No worries @djgra79, I’m putting together the videos. Mine’s nothing compared to what you saw! This year I went north, next year I’ll have to make multiple trips to see all the displays on this side of town.
  8. daunce

    Pixel stays on after schedule ends

    Even after all the careful planning, I still managed to stuff up the pixel counts on a few occasions. Turning on each element / model by itself is a great way to check. Glad it was such a simple fix for what seemed like a weird issue.
  9. daunce

    BBB or Raspberry Pi

    This was my first year with pixels and I used a rPi3 with FPP, it also controlled my P10’s, and had audio into my FM transmitter. I already had a rPi to tinker with ((50-60$) so it came in handy, and since I needed something to drive the panels, I figured I might as well use it to run the show...
  10. daunce

    Impressed with displays in Melbourne’s East

    I took the kids out the other night to see Christmas displays based on the map here. Thanks to @Croydon Lights, @buzzdude & @battle79 for their displays. Kids loved them. There was quite the line of cars to see @battle79’s display It was great to see other displays to get more ideas for...
  11. daunce

    FPP output different from xLights ?

    Can you put FPP in Bridge mode and use xLights to output to lights to see if you get the same issues? Then you can narrow it down if it's misconfigured in xLights or FPP. I had similar issues with elements that had the incorrect pixel count, or duplicate channel numbers. After updating the...
  12. daunce

    Signal loss?

    Is it working now? What is the effect you are expecting? I have a few runs of 14m 6 core security cable (1x data, 3+, 2-) from the F16v3 to first prop with no issues. The F16v3 has a good reputation for making it a fair distance to the first pixel. So in the garage it was working using the...
  13. daunce

    Tips and tricks to make it easier to get your lights up

    Something I struggle with is the method, and amount of time it takes to get lights up. There's some great tips I've picked up from others, and I'd like to hear more, like how people attached vertical strips/pixels to the front of their house. Something I found useful to put lights on a balcony...
  14. daunce

    Can you plug lights into a controller already powered on?

    I hope everyone's display is up, going up, or at least you have most of the bugs out and going forward. I try and play it safe when it comes to power. I usually plug strings in, then turn on the power supply. Even when testing. Question 1. Is it ok to have power applied to the controller, and...
  15. daunce

    [Possibly Solved] Having trouble with F16v3 dropping off network regularly

    Glad you’ve got it sorted already. The manual gives a warning of something similar happening. Is this the case?