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    Pixels and f48 control board pulsing?

    Sounds like the DC converter is going into thermal limiting. A lot of them are total rubbish quality / specs.
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    Bunnings 2020 now available!

    For some reason Flamingos and Lamas made it into Christmas this year!
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    LED Message Board

    If you only need a small sign, I made some boards that drive a single P10 panel. It shows "tune to xxx.x FM" text. View:
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    Missing Icons

    Looks like you're on a laptop with relatively low resolution. The missing icons will be off screen. Maybe try moving some of the toolbars around so the end one moves towards the left?
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    Change of IP address with button and LCD display Ethernet Shield Arduino

    Storing the IP address in the EE is trivial. The user interface harder to implement.
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    Local/AU SE Qld Build Party - August 15th

    From the registration info it looks to be Saturday only.
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    Fans and Vents

    60mm vents are back in stock (100 arrived today) anlong with more 40mm vents and 60m fans. :)
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    LED Neon Christmas Motifs

    Just a short video showing what the LED "neon" Christmas motifs I bought look like. They seem to be a good replacement for the old rope light motifs. View:
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    IP65 Enclosure Case - Bunnings - $47 (325Wx415Lx180H)

    They look like the 60mm vent and fan that I sell in the da-Share shop. I have more vents arriving later this week. Fans are in stock.
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    New 12V smart pixels ——GS8208

    As per the diagrams posted above, the LEDs are in series, not parallel.
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    Local/AU SE Qld Build Party - August 15th

    I may have to rethink this one if the covid situation doesn't show a turn around soon.
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    Speaker setup

    Using an 8 Ohm speaker on an amplifier rated for 6 Ohms minimum is not a problem at all. :)
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    Speaker setup

    Cut the red and black wires at the transformer (block thing bolted down) and use them to connect to your amplifier. You could run a new 2-core cable in or use 2 or the 3 cores from the existing grey cable. Extra points for showing the markings on the transformer terminals where you removed the...
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    Speaker setup

    They are "constant voltage" speakers and would normally be run on a "100V line" (or 70V line in the USA) amplifier. They will work to a degree with a standard hi-fi amplifier, but the level will be low. If you open them up you can disconnect the transformer inside and wire directly to the...
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    Hello from Melbourne Vic AU

    Hi Paul. Welcome to ACL. That sounds like a fun project.