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    xLights - e682 board issues

    The E682 was the configuration that was recommended to me here. But I can see the ease of compatability on the F-16. This year is a test with: E682 - 400 pixels in one 5m mega tree (3 universes), with 6 x dumb rgb strings (1 universe). T1000S - 4 20W RGB spots (stand alone DMX) 8 x fixed...
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    xLights - e682 board issues

    510 channels solved the problem! They're behaving normally now. Now to get FPP working properly!
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    xLights - e682 board issues

    Hi, I've got 400 x WS2811 12mm RGBs running off a 350W 5v PS which also powers the E682 controller (FW version 4.026). I'm running a single 8 strand mega tree, Using the test patterns on the controller I get all pixels lit correctly. However, when sending from xLights each universe displays...
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    T1000-S and FGZ2811 2.0

    I have just purchased 8 x 50 pixel strings of FGZ2811 2.0 pixels, also a T1000-S. This is to be combines into a Mega-Tree. My first attempt at a non-static display. I am using led-edit 2012. I have been wiring the T1000-S all morning and got a white pixel when combining the 5v+ of the pixel...
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    custom .swf files for led edit

    Hey, I'd be very interested in more .swf effects!
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    Hi from country QLD

    I've just set up my first Christmas display and am already planning my first PLC display next year, the static lights just aren't doing it for me. Can anyone recommend anyone in OZ to purchase a PLC and software through?