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    Sydney/NSW Sydney Expo 2020 (aka Sydney Mini) interest

    Ill be happy to throw my hand up for a presentation or two
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    How much power can I use?

    This would be determined by the rating of the string itself which should be on the box, or you could use the rating from the power supply that comes with the lights because the power used can vary depending the LEDs used, the number of lights in a string and the voltage. Normally you can get...
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    Hi everybody

    Welcome to ACL and the hobby. Download the ACL101 lighting manual as this has lots of great information and tips As for some tips, then be prepared for a decent learning curve and start to value everything in pixels...
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    1st Display - Please Help Me

    Start with the ACL 101 manual which is a great reference to start learning the hobby. But for someone with no experience or skills in doing this then you may have left it a little late as there is a fairly initial...
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    Try me timer switch to activate Lemax items.

    a simple way would be just to use a push button timer switch same as what you would find in apartment hall ways...
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    Power injection WITHOUT T connectors

    The fact that you need to continue the data and ground between power injection then im not sure how you get away with not having a TWay unless you solder 2 plugs onto the injection point (one for ground and +V and the other for ground and data) but this may cost you more in the long run. You can...
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    What’s the correct way to wire up 12mm Bullet Pixels, without pigtails?

    Generally the outer wires will be positive and ground and the inner wires will be data and clock (if 4 wire). So what is important is that you work out the positive side because if you put positive on the negative side then you may have some dead pixels. if you mix the data wires with the ground...
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    Using circuit breakers instead of fuses.

    I think its more about the cost as DIY is all about doing it as cheap as possible. CBs cost more than fuses but fuses generally have a slower trip curve than class B and Class C CBs The response curve of a CB is determined by the class of CB being used, most commonly used is Class C but there...
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    LED Driver PSU for pixels

    You need constant voltage power supplies because the chip used for the pixel is the constant current driver. So all you require is a power supply that puts out a constant voltage Constant current supplies are used to drive LEDs directly because the intensity of the LED is controlled by current...
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    Starting out questions..

    Welcome to ACL, as uncledan has said start with the ACL 101 manual, there is also a wealt of information in the forum and the wiki and the guys are always very helpful with any questions both in the forum and in the chat room
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    Hello From Florida

    Welcome to ACL, as you are already discovering there is a wealth of info and great help from the members here. I hope you enjoy the forum and its resources
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    Dmx Flood Lights External

    So I would presume you intend on using floods with a mains voltage supply which will allow you to select much higher power floods without having to worry about voltage drop considerations
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    Sydney/NSW Sydney Mini 2019 we are starting to plan

    When Xlights can export to Minleon SD card and can operate the NDB via E1.31 or ArtNet then Lss seems redundant. I must say I haven't even looked at Lss as Xlights does everything I want and need plus more
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    Interference with TV reception

    You shouldn't have to replace them all, you may just have a couple of power supplies emitting interference and need to find out which ones are the culprits