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    How much current is safe in a sealed up strand?

    I am considering purchasing this particular strip: It is a 4 meter long strip filled up with 5V...
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    Survey. How is your mega tree constructed?

    I tend to think of a mega tree as the 'Center piece' of your Christmas light show. it may have started years ago when Mason Williams had that famous video in which his mega tree 'danced' back & forth with the music from Trans Siberian Orchestra's 'Wizards in Winter' (Still my favorite) with his...
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    Announcing the PixLite 16 MKII Controller!

    Is the new Pixlite MKII shipping? Initial reviews? --Greg--
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    Repairs/Maintenance to ECG-P2

    Soak (submerge ) it in alcohol for a while and then take a soft toothbrush and try to clean it with just alcohol and the soft toothbrush. Use gentle strokes. Rinse with purified water and then rinse again with alcohol. Let dry completely and retest. At this point you have nothing to lose. It...
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    Announcing the PixLite 16 MKII Controller!

    Wow, you are now currently in First place!! Will the current prices of the Pixlite 16's come down? Also, I should mention that if good design is used, NO current for the pixels should ever go through the board. I use several Pixlite 16's and NO current for my 5V WS2812b's runs through the...
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    Have prices come down? Wasn't this almost double a year ago?
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    WS2811 strips - 30 vs 60 LEDs per meter?

    There are other considerations such as twice as much power. I don't know what you're building so you need to give us more information. I started with 30/meter and now ALL of my pixels are 60/meter. Just a preference. In my opinion, if you are going to show any photos or animation, you need the...
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    What is the best 5V pixel out there now?

    What you have showed me is just the SAME pixel just closer together. What I'm looking for is to find out if there is a better or brighter pixel out there. You have showed me the same WS2812b just closer together. Is there a better pixel than the WS2812b? Thanks --Greg--
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    What is the best 5V pixel out there now?

    I currently use a 5050 WS2812b 5Volt version usually in flexible strip form or rigid strip form. Is there a better brighter pixel out now? I'm currently buying these pixels in 74/meter which really rocks!! I know that there are monochrome white only 5630 pixels out now with a advertised...
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    Why would a string of flexible pixels be filled with epoxy resin Not sure I understand why the tube would be filled with resin? Would it still be flexible? Any guesses? This product is $4.00 more than...
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    PixLite16 mounting holes.

    It sure would be really nice to have a paper or cardboard template for mounting the pixlite 16's. I would gladly pay a reasonable fee for such an item.--Greg--
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    Pixlite16 and bridging to DMX

    I see no reason why this wouldn't work. --Greg--
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    Thinking of changing my megatree hardware to aluminum

    Ignore the first photo, what the heck was I thinking? --Greg--
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    Thinking of changing my megatree hardware to aluminum

    Because of the weight of steel, I want to change my current mega tree mast pole from steel to aluminum. It is currently 1 1/4 diameter about 20 total feet of steel pipe with a 10 foot piece of steel pipe on top of another 10 foot piece of steel pipe. These two pieces of ten foot steel pipe is...
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    Funny things people say at your Christmas Light Display

    And here's the best one. Oh!! what do you mean it has music? I don't hear any music. And by the way, I have at least 4 illuminated signs that indicate 'tune to'...... as well as 'Tune to' on the Pixel tree between each song. I always go out and try to greet our guests and just make sure that...