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  1. jjBrisvegas

    Hi from Qld

    Welcome to ACL
  2. jjBrisvegas

    Hi from Jimboomba, Queensland

    Lots of helpful folk on the forum and chat page, and a few members here on the Gold Coast. Welcome to ACL !!
  3. jjBrisvegas

    Hi from Ipswich

    Hi Wily and welcome. No shortage of project ideas and support here. As I was well advised when I first joined, study the AusChristmasLighting101 manual from front to back and then top to bottom and then repeat again - then the questions will start !! Jeff Gold Coast
  4. jjBrisvegas

    Pixel Spacing

    Always an interesting conversation ;-) I have found personally that I like the strip lights for the arches - just seems to be a better ambiance. My windows and gables are 2" spaced nodes in trunking which is suffice I suspect, as are my megatree strings. The new matrix this year is 1" spacing...
  5. jjBrisvegas

    Hello from the Gold Coast.

    Hi Jas, I am in UC too. Check the ACL display map as there are a few around this neck of the woods.
  6. jjBrisvegas

    Hello from the Gold Coast.

    Welcome Jason, Lots of local support on the coast aside the incredible folk at ACL. look forward to chatting more in the future.
  7. jjBrisvegas


    Hi Ryan, Welcome. No shortage of help and great advice here. When all is said and done, the best place to start is the AusChristmasLighting 101 manual. A few reads of it, a few trial and errors, a few more questions and you'll be an expert ;-)
  8. jjBrisvegas

    Ultra low WS2811 speed

    I think you will be happier - look forward to the result :-)
  9. jjBrisvegas

    Ultra low WS2811 speed

    Well, I have succumbed to the lure of the Falcon. I have tried the J1Sys ECG-P2, the Pixlite 16, Sans E682 and the Falcon F16v3s and F48. I am convinced the Falcon is the better product with a more active development roadmap than the others, No expert, but they so far have the best for...
  10. jjBrisvegas

    Ultra low WS2811 speed

    Not a help but I had a similar issue with a J1sys ECG-P2 and newer pixels. I could only run them at 2400 and then they would intermittently do what yours did. I tried with a string of 50 and a string of 70 all 12v. I power injected and that seemed to fix it (but I was pretty over it by then...
  11. jjBrisvegas

    Answered Icicle issue

    As suspected it was one of the ICs in the first 35 pixels. Replaced that part of the string and good to go. First dodgy one from Ray I have had so far...
  12. jjBrisvegas

    Answered Icicle issue

    Yes. All six strings prior to thisun work on multiple controllers so happy it's not that. This string shows same fault on same controllers so pretty sure it's node IC related at position 1. Just thought someone may have seen this before I swap out the first 35 pixels...
  13. jjBrisvegas

    Answered Icicle issue

    Hi all, Have been putting together some new icicles using the Boscoyo mounts and Ray Wu 7,7,7 pixels. First six no problem, but the last is giving me grief. The first 20 or so pixels show white, while the rest seem to do what they should. Have tried several controllers and get the same result...
  14. jjBrisvegas

    DMX model help needed

    Thanks Keith, you beat me to it. @BallaratLights the most simple explanation to add is that for every DMX channel available on your device, you can have a corresponding xLights channel - each with an allowed DMX value of 0-255. As an example:- I have a moving head device. It has 8 channels that...
  15. jjBrisvegas

    Tune to sign ideas

    @Ellis Thanks. Ha ha ha I didn't think in literal terms - I was thinking some fancy name for secret men's business material. LMAO