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    What's wanted

    Yes, the DMX version worked great for me. The separately controlled relays worked well to stagger the starting up of power supplies. I agree that an e1.31 version would be better for newer displays as it negates the need to have a permanently powered e1.31 to DMX bridge online. That being...
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    Perth/WA 2018 Perth Mini - June 16-17 [Cancelled]

    Yes, was at Tabor's house about 3-4 years ago. Very informal, but interesting nonetheless. If I'm around I might come along, even though I'm exiting the hobby!
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    Track down FM transmitter location?

    yeah, that's what I was thinking might be the case, which wouldn't be good. Although might be easier to find the losers if they are driving around..
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    Track down FM transmitter location?

    Luckily there wasn't a re-occurrence last night. So I'm just hoping it was a once-off. Also hoping that it was maybe someone doing it from their car - rather than it being a neighbour. wishful thinking, but oh well.
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    Track down FM transmitter location?

    Bit of a weird one. Had some people knock on the door tonight to let me know that someone else is transmitting on the same frequency as us. And with some very colourful language.. It also said something along the lines that photos are being taken or something.. One of the people...
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    Another "vote for me" thread

    Have never bothered doing this before, but if anyone feels like voting for me, would appreciate it! Cheers Kane
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    Famous people with CLAP (your lights on TV or popular websites, etc)

    When I had the idiots come in 2013 and relieve my front yard of a vertical mega-tree a few years back, I had quite a lot of coverage - TV interviews and stories on 7, 9 & 10, as well as several radio interviews and newspaper stories.. Most of these were online in the past but are now...
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    Hi, Just introducing myself and a bit of a plug for a product I made.

    As long as each light comes pre-programmed to different start channels, I don't think this is a big problem. They're going to be targeted towards permanent installation, I don't think you really need to be able to change the channels regularly? Kane
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    Hi, Just introducing myself and a bit of a plug for a product I made.

    And if you need a guinea pig, I'm keen on buying 25 of them to replace my current garden lighting (all 12v LED) I would like all 25 in one run - each pre-programmed on individual DMX start channels (no need for pixel style cascading), so obviously need DMX in and out (which could be done using...
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    Hi, Just introducing myself and a bit of a plug for a product I made.

    Funnily enough, a year or two back, I contacted Ray to get some DMX spotlights of this size built. But the ones he supplied could not colour mix (and from memory there was another issue with them, but can't remember what.. ended up giving them away to someone on here).. I already have...
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    Playing sound to wireless speakers

    Yes, definately correct - you can't stream to a Sonos over Bluetooth. So assuming you have a Play 5 (which qldking has), or a Connect or Connect:Amp, you can use the line-in on that. (which will be able to play to all other speakers, which can be one of the other models) Yes, that's the...
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    Expand a show across the street

    As a suggestion on the wireless side of things - a couple quality access points in bridge mode on either side of the road may be a good option.. Can't speak for how well e1.31 goes over wireless though!
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    Someone dobbed me in!

    Not at all wanting to hijack the thread, but thought you may all get a laugh out of a couple things we got roped into this year, and given Scampi is also in WA, thought this was a good spot. Channel Nine (Perth) did their weekday weather forecasts from a few different houses for a few weeks...
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    Has anyone looked at these for wearables? It'd be pretty cool to have a hat covered in pixels that was part of the sequence...