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    Talking Trees Sequences causing upset.

    No it isn’t my display.
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    Talking Trees Sequences causing upset.

    About 5+ years ago the talking trees sound tracks were shared to me from someone who assured me they had been freely shared on the DIY Christmas site and this was confirmed to me by more than one person. There was also a Youtube video of someone else who was including them in their show from...
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    xLights sharing: sequences

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    xLights sharing: sequences

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    Ellis' 2018 Dream

    Voted. (Used our Queensland address ;))
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    Projecting to window

    This is our Santa's workshop in the window from Atmosfx. Projected from inside the room. Previously used a VGA projector which was ok but this year splashed out on an Acer short throw 1080p projector and image is much better. I wouldn't bother using one of the cheap LED projectors - they are...
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    Before and after videos when adding "null buffers" (a null pixel alternative)

    Yep, these things are brilliant. Just ordered another 10 from Alan. They have made life so much easier this year being able to have longer runs from the controllers.
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    What New Songs are you doing for 2018???

    If I get around to finishing my sequences I plan to. I am sooooo behind this year. And the constant rain and thunderstorms is making setup difficult.
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    Answered Not outputting to lights

    Great. Thanks
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    Answered Not outputting to lights

    Just one other thought. Are you able to get other lights to light up from other controllers or are you just using the pixlite4. The reason I ask is because when I am testing my lights running xlights from the laptop, I am connected via ethernet to my controllers (via a switch) but if I try to...
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    I realise it's getting late in the year but it's never too late to add a few last minute elements. Anyway, I know there are lots of cool snowflake models posted but I thought I'd just post the .stl files on a further cutdown version I've done of Keith Hoyle's original snowflake. These are 28cm...
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    What do you call your display?

    DARLYC's Lights?
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    Recommendation on DIY Projection Material for Virtual Santa

    The other thing to think about is including a layer of black see through material which helps take out the glow that can bleed across the white sheet from the projector and look like there is a white glowing halo around Santa. The black material removes that and helps make things look a little...
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    Some say you've got serious Christmas light OCD when you think your display is ruined because you can see one dodgy pixel in 20,000.
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    What do you call your display?

    SLOWLI Christmas lights. It's made of the first letter or first two letters of each family members name (otherwise it would be SLWL and that's just silly :rolleyes: )